View Full Version : What is a good and reasonable price for a Red Dot

01-09-2024, 06:24 AM
I have had my BFR .500 S&W for several years nor and love it. I have been reloading for 40+ years and always reload my own ammo. I can reach out to 50 yards with 6" groups with the current Iron sights free hand no steady stick. I recently shot a 44 mag Ruger revolver with a red dot sight. At 75 yards I could group them at 4 inches. I have never used anything except iron sights and peep sights on my rifles and pistols.

So, the question is what Red Dot under 300 bucks will hold up to the heavy recoil of the BFR .500. I am currently shooting loads that have been measured at a little over 1900 FPS with 350 grain bullets.

01-09-2024, 02:48 PM