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02-05-2024, 01:28 PM
I have a GR8 4.5" BFR in .44 magnum and I have several questions about BFR revolvers, while there's a lot of BFR owners there is very little info available (see PS below) about them.

1a. Is there a difference between JT and BR serialized models?
1b. If so are they 100% compatible?

2. Does MR have rubber replacement grips for the BFR readily available?

3. Why isn't the .454 or .44 magnum available in a 5 shot version but the .45 ACP is? THAT is weird.

4. Why isn't a .480 cylinder (NOT .475/480) available?

5. Will the .500 JRH model handle (without any issues) the .500 S&W special cartridge? JRH brass is EXPENSIVE and Starline does not offer it.

6. It seems as if the wide spur hammer was replaced with a narrow type? Why? and is a wide spur hammer available?

7. FINALLY, it seems as if the only available 5"-5.5" barrel models available without going custom is the 500JRH. Why?

Oh PS... the "REQUIREMENTS" for getting a login here by answering arcane questions about MR's other products IS preventing a LOT of shooters from participating here. SA revolver owners do not know diddly or care about MR / Kahr's other products and are not going to waste time researching products only Kahr fan boys would know to get a log in here.

02-06-2024, 02:55 PM
Here are some answers that I hope will help you. If you have further questions, email me at john.howard@kahr.com.

1. No difference so compatible.
2. They should be, but call to be sure. TEL: 508-795-3919.
3. Five shot are available on a custom basis.
3. It is available on a custom basis, but if you buy the .475 you can run both so that is a better option.
4. The .500 special is identical to the .500 JRH, so yes they can interchange.
5. The hammer is machined out of billet, the wide spur is twice as thick as the current hammer hence the cost of the hammer would be double and drive up the overall price of the gun. The wide spur is available as a custom option but itís double a standard hammer in cost.
6. Because there not enough sold to make them.

On point 6, the products not made as custom are driven by demand/sales. If a model is not out there, it means MRI did not have demand for it from distributors or dealers.

I appreciate the point on the login requirements, but unfortunately we had to do something to control spammers and the best option is to keep the membership limited to folks that know the products. As the main focus of the forum is Kahr products, that is the basis for the questions. Anything generic would be easily guessed by spammers (math, history, news items, general gun content, etc.). When the forum is eventually merged into the company websites, this will be replaced by some different methods for folks to set up accounts. Hopefully that will happen in 2025.