View Full Version : Odd bird arrived

02-23-2024, 01:15 PM
Well, the .454 FINALLY arrived today and I took it and the .44 to the range. As expected it handled my hot .45 Colt ammo with ease, good thing because I will not be shooting .454 out of it ever. I load too many calibers already :-)

The niggles...

Other than the dark black front sight which I could not see against my black bowling pin target it shot beautifully. The sight issue was remedied as soon as I got home with a base coat of white then orange nail polish on it.

The W-I-D-E spur hammer really spoiled me. My .44 with the slim profile hammer is a cost savings I'd have gladly paid more for on the base gun, now I have to spend it anyway :-) Seriously, if y'all order one pony up for the extra buckazoids and get the wide spur hammer, it's worth it.

There's another firearm company which has a slogan... "Perfection" (they're on gen 6 or 7 by now) Well the BFR is as close to perfection as I can detect and appreciate.

02-23-2024, 01:57 PM
I've always loved a wide spur hammer.