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Thread: New Magnum Research site?

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    Default New Magnum Research site?

    Do not know if anyone noticed but I pinged the Magnum site this morning and found a completely new site. Looks like Kahr did a makeover. It is very similar to the Kahr site. Much better then before imo!

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    I agree it's much better. I'd like to see that model hold the .50 straight out with one hand (hah). I really liked the slo-mo video (top one) shooting the .50. It looked like a tank shot and reload. All I can say is you better hit the BG with the first shot cause he'll fire 2 or 3 before you can get it back on target.

    Here's the link: Magnum Research
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    That's a way cool looking T shirt and hat in the apparel section. The model is looking splendid as well.

    Looks like a nice site. Have to look some more.
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