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Thread: Help with Customizing MK40

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    Default Help with Customizing MK40

    Help with Customizing MK40

    I just bought a M4043 (MK40). I plan on customizing this gun quite a bit.

    I want to:

    -Debur the edges, polish the feed ramp and funnel the mag well (might do this myself?)
    -Magnaport it (Magnaport)
    -Checker/stipple the front strap (?)
    -Blacken the Stainless/smooth action/NP3 internals (Robar)
    -Novak Tritiums (Kahr?)
    -AND... Put on a set of thin Rosewood Laminate Wood Grips.

    I'm in Afghanistan right now but the pistol will be waiting for me at a local gun shop when I get home on June 1st and I want to get it sent off for the work while I'm gone during July/August. I bought it on GunBroker.com

    Any help on who to do it and how to get this done would be much appreciated.

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    try this guy:

    Accurate-Iron.com. Mike Cwyrus, does it all. The magna port goes direct to Magn port. thin rosewood grips might be a tuff thing to find even, or to find anyone even to do it. You can probalby google up and find some grip carvers that willdo what you want.

    before you do any of it, at first give the gun the shooting round sto be confindent it is totally reliable before spending bucks to do these mods. then indeed go for it. Nice gift to have waitinf for you when you get home. Be safe... and welcome to this fine forum.

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