OK. I watched the videos about the XS sights. Now I admit....I was wrong. I agree that if you can shoot traditional or narrower front sight systems, like dawson's, you can shoot the XS sights accurately. I have always been an old traditional muzzleloader target shooter with VERY fine front sights. In fact, I inlayed a very thin piece of ivory in my front sight, so I had a front sight within the sight. That's how narrow a sighting system I was used to. I translated this to handguns, but incorrectly so. The XS sighting system is accurate. It is the shooter that needs to adjust to the width of the sight, by using landmarks within the XS front sight.

I still like my Dawson FO front sight. It is very fast for IDPA with a flat back sight. The FO jumps right out and puts your eye on the front sight.

That said, for SD, the XS would have an advantage, simply because it is BIGGER. AND I feel would be just as accurate, once the shooter gets used to shooting with this sight.

I was wrong. SO WRONG in fact, that I would consider replacing the night sights on my PM40 with an XS sight system, instead of a FO sight.
I was wrong!