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Thread: Recoil spring install

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    Working through old threads to learn what I can (recently bought a CW380 and a CM9). Had maybe a dozen failures to return to battery (by just a hair) on the second trip to the range for the .380, so thought new recoil springs might be worth a try, in case my preliminary break-in slide racking was too enthusiastic. Wish I'd seen this thread before putting on the new springs last night. I ended up using a Quick-Grip clamp, between the slide end and the spring guide flange (basically replacing my fingers) to compress the springs. I pushed an obstructing coil out of the way with the tip of a nail through the guide hole, and the guide came right on through. Then the flange can be slide from the pad of the clamp over onto the barrel lug. Just putting another idea out there. And many thanks to everyone for all the great ideas spread throughout these threads.

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    I want to share a possible solution.
    I've replaced recoil springs on P380s and CW380s a number of times over the years. New springs in this gun have always been a major pain the first time, but eventually I was always able to muscle them on using a table top or bookcase shelf. This week was the first time I've tried in a couple of years and I don't know if the new springs are even longer than they used to be or I've gotten weaker (probably) but I just couldn't. Compressing them overnight with a bolt, washer and nut didn't work for me either.
    It occurred to me to install ONLY the inner spring which seemed to be the main culprit. It wasn't easy but it was manageable. I then locked the slide back for awhile. When I took it apart and added the outer spring, it went together with only a short struggle. I don't know if I it would have worked had I not already tried to compress the springs, but I have new springs on order for my other copies of this pistol and this time I'll try installing just the inner spring first and report back. Wish I'd thought of it years ago.

    UPDATE - New springs arrived and I installed them. But first I did need to compress the inner springs for a short while. There was no way I could get an inner spring installed without doing that. They're sooo long out of the package - about 2x the length of the guide rod. After it had been compressed on a bolt for maybe a 1/2 hour, I was able to install an inner spring, lock the action open, wait 10-15 minutes, take it apart, add the outer spring and get it all together. I did that for 2 CW380s so that's how I plan to proceed with new springs from now on, unless someone comes up with a captive assembly for these pistols.
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