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Thread: **SOLD** MK9 MK40 Wolff Springs set $25

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    Default **SOLD** MK9 MK40 Wolff Springs set $25

    $25 shipped - Wolff Precision Gunsprings kit 51720. Used for 1 box of 50 rds before selling the MK9. This is substantially much better built than the plastic captured one that comes standard with the MK9.

    5 Pieces total:
    Guide Rod & Spring Set (4 pieces = 2 springs and 2 guide rod pieces)
    20.5lb factory standard weight wolff recoil spring
    Recoil Guide Rod and Plug Set
    Firing Pin Spring (unused)
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    Is this the steel guide rod? If yes ...than I will take it.
    what is your PayPal?


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    Yes Steel guide rod.

    pm sent

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