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Thread: New CW380 - Is this normal wear for a brand new gun?

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    just for anyone curious, I finally put some rounds through my cw380. It functioned well through about 40 rounds of PPU. At which point it did all the things you would expect. Had to manually push the slide into battery etc. I switched to Gecco brand rounds once the PPU was gone and it couldnt fire two rounds in a row. If your still reading at this point, you're wandering if i'm bitching or not. NO! I almost put 50 straight rounds of PPU, over three shooters, a lot of mine being one handed, through the pistol and the only reason it ceased is because it was down right filthy. I've cleaned my fair share of pistols and I've never seen a pistol this dirty from such a low round count. Thats how I know when I clean this thing out and run it again it will be good for 40+ again. Going to continue breaking it in but its earned a spot in my pocket with fmj rounds already. My buddies could not believe how such a little 380 recoiled as softly as it did. good purchase and good on kahr for making it right in a timely manner,

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    Glad you finally got it sorted out. Now shoot it some more!
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