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Thread: Magazine catch hanging up and staying open

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    Default Magazine catch hanging up and staying open

    Magazine catch hanging up and staying open
    This my first post
    I have a 1927 A1 made in 1980 bu AO and the magazine release it sticking open. The magazine catch is getting caught on the edge of the round opening where it locks into ther magazine and I have to manually seat it every time. I noticed that as start to pull on the release the pin on the other side starts to move towards the receiver meaning that the whole assembly is shifting left instead of just rocking back and forth in a straight line. Have you seen this and is there a fix? The rifle has not been fire that much.

    Other question is that it look like my standard site is pressed on and was wondering if it can be remove and replace it with a compensator? I have the smooth barrel.

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    Sounds like I have a similar problem.I had some issues with a Tommygun so I brought it to the Tommy Gun Warehouse.I picked it up Saturday.I took it to the range and went to put a mag in and it dropped out.The mag realease seemed to be stuck with the dimple that holds the mag outside the hole it is supposed to rest in.I called and sent a picture to the service department and havent heard back yet.I hope it is something I can fix cause if I have to drive 2 hours back to the warehouse I ain't gonna be very happy.

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    I bought a used 1927 a1. Made in 2003. My mag catch also was moving to one side. I pressed the hair pin looking piece on the right side. Above the trigger well back on place. It had moved out some. After that the mag release stays in place.

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