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Thread: New CM9 slide sticking at halfway point going back to battery.

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    I have yours and Greens issues mixed up. His had a badly machined slide, rough on the inside. I was associating his with yours.

    I still think yours in peening. I don't think it would ever sheer or break off. The slide most likely will already be damaged and even further damaged if you shoot 200 through it.
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    Quick update;

    Got an RMA and FedEx label last night.

    Dropped it off with FedEx this afternoon.

    Estimated turn around was reported to me as 3 weeks.

    I'll update again as I know more.

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    Another update;

    Got a fedex tracking notice that there should be a delivery to me from K.A.I. this Thursday.

    I didn't get any contact between sending it in and now, so I presume my included note on the issue was sufficient.

    I'll update here again once I have it in my possession and again as soon as I get to shoot it.

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    Any updates? I hope all is working well for you.

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