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Thread: Looking for Crimson Trace LG-461 for MK40

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    Default Looking for Crimson Trace LG-461 for MK40

    I just bought a new MK40 '03 Elite and cannot find the Crimson Trace LG-461 grips anywhere, they have been discontinued by Crimson Trace. Does anyone have one they would sell?
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    That's gonna be a tough find. Good luck.

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    How do you like the MK40? I'm getting an MK40 Elite for Christmas. Ordered the checkered grips from Kahr and they are already on the way. Don't see too many reviews on the MK40. Most are the MK9. I have a CM9 and an older S&W 459 9MM that holds 14+1. Thats why I figured I didn't need another 9 and went with the 40. Just curious how you like it.

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