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Thread: New? (To me) P9

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    Default New? (To me) P9

    Saw a P9 on GunBroker. Fair price. Guy bought it new, never fired it (or so he claims). Did not like it and put it up for sale.

    Looks to be new and is the black slide version with 3 mags. Includes a pair of Talon grips in the sale.

    Put my Walther CCP up for sale to make room for this. Should be a good company for my CW380 in the safe.

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    Should be fine company indeed.
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    Picked it up yesterday. Does look to be new and all the paperwork was still there. No scuffs or marks of any kind and does not look like it has been fired.

    Includes 3 mags and Talon Grips. Will clean and hit the range as soon as the weather cools down a bit...

    Also on a related note: I see the ST9 has been discontinued. Will the S9 go away too? What will replace them? I love my kahrs and would like something in the ST9 size to keep these two company..

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    Congrats on your new gun. She’s a looker!

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    Totally forgot to update this thread.

    Went to the range. Was a hot, humid 95 degree day. Left my magloader at home - so was a quick trip.

    Put 45 rounds of various FMJ and JHP ammo through the pistol. Not a hiccup. Will go back in a week and put another 50 rounds through it.

    First round clearly shows that I have not been to the range in a long time. All shooting at 15-20 feet.

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