I did talk to a person from MR that confirmed their trigger is proprietary but not much for details. I do know (because I tried one) that the Tandemkross Ultimate trigger upgrade kit does not work. The MR rep said that most complete drop in trigger assemblies should work. I've ordered a Timney trigger kit that has the extended mag release lever and I'm hoping that will work. I found the trigger on the Switchbolt pretty decent actually but I did not like the push up button mag release, especially in the KRG Bravo chassis. I will post here again when I get a chance to try the new trigger out which might be some time. Winter has set in here in the Canadian north - 38 celsius (-36 F) last night. The MR rep did say he heard that MR was developing their own extended release lever but could not commit to a timeline.

Hopefully some more owners start posting here, it's a fairly unique rifle and it would be nice to share experience's.