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Thread: About Shipping to Kahr for Service

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    Default About Shipping to Kahr for Service

    I'll be shipping a gun to Kahr for service. They have sent me a FedEx label to print.

    1. Do I need to return one of the gun's magazines with it?
    a. Both?

    2. Do I just buy a cardboard box, some some packing peanuts and some tape and bring the box to FedEx office?
    a. Do you have any packing advice for me?

    3. Do I need to tell FedEx it contains a firearm, or do anything special with that -- or is that all handled by the shipping label I receive?

    4. How does Kahr return the gun to me?
    a. Will it be sent to a nearby FedEx Office location for me to pick up? (One local office told me they don't want to keep guns around lest they get stolen.)
    b. Will the package be dropped off on my porch -- where porch pirates can steal it?
    c. Will the package be brought to my house for a signature, followed by another attempt or for me to go get it if I'm not home?
    d. Or nowadays will I be informed via a text message as to the day and approximate time they will come to deliver?

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    Regarding #4 it will be shipped to your home with adult signature required. It was some years ago, but I did not get any notification from Kahr when they shipped it back to me.

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    Generally as David said, there is no return notification.
    I would send both your magazines with the gun, perhaps even in the original case if you still have it.
    I just pack with newspaper or anything so it doesn't rattle. I don't think Fed Ex is as picky as USPS. If it rattles they think it's broke and don't want to deal with it.

    I don't know if Fed Ex requires knowing it's a firearm but since Kahr uses them it shouldn't be a problem letting them know. Some mail stations etc that ship Fed Ex won't ship guns and you'll have to go to a genuine Fed Ex depot or a mail box that will ship.
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    I would contact your local Fedex. A while back I sold a few guns on Gunbroker and shipped via Fedex. I got frustrated with my closest Fedex, including how much they wanted in fees. I went to a different Fedex and got completely different answers and a lower fee.

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