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Thread: Back in the Kahr club

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    Default Back in the Kahr club

    I have no idea why I do it. Iíve owned half a dozen Kahrs. PM9. A couple K9ís. A T9. A MK9Ö.etc.

    Then, I had none. Traded some. Gave one away.

    Then remember what great triggers they have and how perfectly they fit my handÖand, how perfect they are for new shooters.

    Just picked up an older, all black stainless one on Gunbroker. BF11XX, 2008 ish.

    Iím gonna get a dull engraving tool and scribble my name across the slide this time, ruin its resale value so I have to keep it or something.

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    Itís a sickness I say. A sickness. My affliction started with a used CW9. Then the craving for a K9,completed by accident . Than the inevitable MK9. Then the lust to find a T9, not met and on going. In the interim of my search I came upon a PM9 that needed a bit of love at an unavoidable price and then a CW45 at an extremely great price. My wife thinks Iím a hoarder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerer View Post
    ...Then the lust to find a T9, not met and on going.
    There are 2 T9s on Gunbroker now...

    Or for 1/3 the cost, check out the ST9 (polymer grip, same size).

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    I had a T9. It was an absolutely fantastic gun that just didnít quite fill any role I had for a gun. Not as easy to conceal as others. I sold it shortly after I got a Springfield Armory EMP4.

    The juries out as to which one I should have kept.

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