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Thread: Mcabo trigger spring questions

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    Default Mcabo trigger spring questions

    I just purchased a used like new PM9 the other day it'll be to my FFL this week. The ad said it has mcabo trigger spring kit installed. My questions are for those here who have these spring kits in the kahr guns have you had my issues with reliability such as light primer strikes? Also it says it reduces the trigger pull weight to like 3 1/2 to 4 pounds down from the factory 6-7 pounds.

    Do you feel that it's too light for a carry gun? The seller states the factory springs are in included so I can always change it back. But just wondering about this. I think it'll be fine as I never carry without a holster that covers the trigger of a gun. Just don't think reliability reasons that macabo would make something that would turn it into a hair crater on what they know is they concealed carry weapon but thanks for any input guys appreciate it.

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    I don't have the Mcarbo springs but all my Kahrs have about a 5# trigger from the factory. 5 or just slightly more so with the long forgiving pull I don't think the trigger would be too light. Course you'll be able to tell as soon as you try it.
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    I have Mcarbo springs in my CT380. Trigger pull is under 4#. No light strikes.

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    Hi thanks for the info. My used PM9 will be at my FFL tomorrow morning actually. So I'll know first hand if I feel the trigger pull weight is safe for carry gun. I assume your CT380 is a carry gun? I wouldn't think mcabo or anyone else for that matter would make and market a trigger spring kit for a gun that's commonly used as a concealed weapon,that would turn it into a hair trigger. But alas like I said I'll have my new to me PM9 tomorrow morning and I'm sure I'll be pleased.

    I'll be sure to report back here with my range report and to post pics as well. Again thank you for your help on this I really appreciate it sir.

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    What makes a Kahr trigger safe for CCW is that it’s a long pull to striker release so a light, long trigger is safe so long as it’s reliable but a short pull trigger that light I just wouldn’t feel comfortable and safe with……..Good luck with it!

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    Thank you for the reply. I agree on the kahr trigger. Including used PM9 that will be at my FFL today this the 7th kahr pistol I've owned.

    My first was an mk40 then a CM40,P9,2 PM45's ,CW45. I foolishly sold a trade at them all this one will always be mine I've carried everything you can think of besides of J frame Smith & Wesson the cars really is a great CCW gun for me. I got a sig p365 great gun but not a slim and light and smallest of PM9.

    I'll take the really slim small profile of the PM9 ons for me a single stack 9 mm is The Sweet spot for CCW. To me small size lightweight and thin are more important for me that capacity. What's so awesome about the PM9 is it's a 9mm and the same size as a Glock 42 which is a 380,and it's shorted than the Glock 43 I used to own. Much prefer the Kahr's trigger to the glocks in fact I sold my glock 43 to buy the PM9 and don't regret it one bit. All of my previously owned kahr arms guns listed above nothing but reliable and accurate guns even through the so-called breaking period one of the PM 45s I think had two stoppages in the first hundred rounds and after that smooth sailing through a hundreds and thousands of runs through some of those. I have no doubt my soon to arrive PM9 will be no different.

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    I guess only you can decide if the trigger is too light. Personally, I don't/never understood why someone would do trigger work on a Kahr trigger. If you like Kahr triggers, it doesn't get much better, or lighter.

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    Hey all so my PM9 came in yesterday and I have to say the trigger is a big lighter than factory it it feels fine as far as pull weight and it's long so I feel it perfectly safe even for a carry gun.

    I only had a few boxes of ammo with me American eagle and federal both 115 FMJ and a box of federal 124gr +P HST JHP's.
    My PM9 ran flawlessly I had no light strikes with any of the ammo. But every review I've read on mcabo trigger springs none of them report any light strikes. I did read one review where the user installed them and said he got light strikes but that could be it wasn't reassembleed property too
    My PM9 trigger does seem to have a very firm reset as well. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and the performance of the mcabo spring kit too. Like I said I'd reas nothing ut good things a out mcabo trigger spring kits for both kahr arms guns as well as the other reviews for their kits for the SIG P365 as well I definitely recommend their spring kits after shooting my kahr with them installed.

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    Thanks for following up on this thread
    I have their springs in my P365 and other of their parts in other guns I own. I've no complaints with any of them.
    FWIW, a buddy has their P365 trigger installed in his gun. I like it's look and how you can adjust pretravel on it. Pre travel aside, feel is about the same as the SIG straight trigger I have in mine.
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    Question: With my stock PM9 and it's a lightly polished and lubed trigger bar, I can easily stage the trigger trigger when going for groups at longer distances.

    With the lighter Mcarbo springs, is this still possible?

    Also, my PM9 is a EDC tool, so light strikes are not tolerable, thoughts?

    I have lighter CGW springs in my CZ SP-01 which is primarily a target and home defense tool, and I've had a couple of primers not go off on the first strike within a couple of thousand rounds, though they both did go on the second try which is easy on the CZ (SA/DA etc). This could be an issue with the Kahr in it's role etc!

    Thanks for your thoughts on these lighter springs!

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