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Thread: Tight Slide Springs on my CW380

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    Default Tight Slide Springs on my CW380

    Ever since I bought it my CW380 has had very tight slide springs.

    Hard to lock back. Malfunctions too often.

    Has anyone traded out the slide spring for a slightly gentler spring?

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    When new the slide springs are very tight. They'll loosen up as you put rounds through it but then it'll be time to replace them. I guess that would be the same as trying a gentler spring. What kind of malfunctions do you experience?
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    You can leave your slide locked back for a few days. Also, manually rack the slide a bunch of times. Iíve found that it is easier to hold the slide and push the grip forward, rather than hold the grip and pull the slide back. As you are sitting watching tv, do it as many times as you can comfortably do. Set it down, then once rested, do it again as many times as you can. You will be simulating break in while saving a bunch of ammo and the frustrations of the malfunctions.

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