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    I took my HK P2SK out yesterday and shot a box of Ranger ammo I've had for a while. Helps me remember why I love that gun. Cleaned it up and put new Talon grippers on it. The old ones were getting a bit worn. They lasted a couple years. I like them because they don't add any width to the grip, and they give me the perfect grip texture. They're kind of expensive for basically a decal................anyhoo, I know that some of you like to use innertube for a grip sleeve. My question is what size tube would I need for my HK grip? I may try it the next time I replace again. I've used grip sleeves in the past, I like the cushion effect, but they always seem to like to move no matter what gun they're on...............

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    Not an expert, but it is my understanding that the bike tubes are listed by tire width. So...if you HK measures 1.75" at the thickest, assume front to back, then buy a tube that measures slightly smaller such as 1.5" and stretch to fit. Pure supposition on my part. So take it with a grain of salt.
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    Perhaps, since you are so fond of the HK, you could invest in laser Stippling.

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