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Thread: K9 slide stop broke.

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    My gun appears to be the old design. Or am I wrong about that? And according to the info in this post the slide stop also looks like the old design. Are there more than two versions of the slide stop? Not that it really matters but the engineer in me really want's to know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harrydog View Post
    Interesting. Mine has the tapered end. I wonder when the transition was made to the 2-piece design?
    I don't know. My MK40 was manufactured in 2000, and it has the "new design." I have others steel frame Kahrs that were manufactured over a decade later, and they have the old design. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it other than they were producing both old and new at the same time. The newer design slide stop is at least 24 years old, so they were producing their K series with the old slide stop long after they had the design for the newer one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenemoore View Post
    That is the new style.
    IDK about that. @harrydog's slide stop is different than the new design slide stop on my MK40 and my K40.


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    @harrydog's Kahr; His slide doesn't have the half-moon cutout that the new designer. He has the older design.

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    I had an MK9 manufactured in 2000. It had the rotating pin.

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