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Thread: Desert Eagle overgassing solutions?

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    Default Desert Eagle overgassing solutions?

    To start...

    I've always heard how unreliable the DE line of pistols were, especially when chambered in the rimmed cartridges. Me being me, I took that as a challenge and bought two 44 magnum DE's and got to work experimenting. I've had very good results thus far, but I'm suck on this one issue.

    I have a 2002 produced IMI MK19 and a 2019 produced CA compliant MK19 with an IWI barrel. Despite the poor reputation for reliability of the DE line of pistols I was able to get both guns feeding reliably by modifying the magazine a little. However the issue I'm still having is with my hotter hand loads (or hotter factory loads in general) the gun has a tendency to eject directly into my face. That seems to be a common thing with DE pistols, but it's annoying none the less. I'm also aware of the "correct" technique to shooting a DE pistol. Not only does that not work 100% of the time I don't like conforming to that as I feel like that is a quick solution to the bigger underlying problem. That problem I believe is a lack of optimization from the factory.

    Something I noticed however, is when shooting more mild factory loads the gun ejects very nicely to my right in a neat pile. My theory for that is the slide velocity is too high with hotter loads. This causes the case wall during ejection to rotate upwards past the extractor, which is also acting as a deflector. The brass marks left on the extractor also seem to support my findings. The natural solution to this would be to run mild 44 loads but I feel like that is a cheesy solution for lack of better words. However, short of venting the piston, I don't know what else I could do. I recently picked up a L5 piston to see if that would help lower the gas cylinder pressure at all. After receiving the piston however, I suspect that it may be way too short and will probably just prevent the gun from functioning. Still need to test it out though.

    Any Ideas are greatly welcomed.

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    I have a Mk xix in 50 AE, and if I hold it like grim death, the empty will pass over
    my right shoulder* If I hold it lightly, like I do my revolvers when shooting for groups,
    the empty will hit me in the forehead! Try holding it VERY tightly, and see if that helps*

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    That's an interesting challenge you've taken on with those Desert Eagles! I've always been fascinated by them, especially the .44 Magnums, but yeah, I've heard about the reputation for being a bit finicky, especially with hotter loads.

    It sounds like you've made some good progress on the feeding issues by modifying the magazines. That's a smart move! Now, this business with the hot loads ejecting straight into your face...not exactly ideal, to say the least! I can understand your frustration, especially since you don't want to sacrifice the power of those .44 Magnums.

    Your theory about the slide velocity and case wall rotation makes sense to me. Maybe there's something you could do with the recoil spring? A stronger spring might slow the slide down a touch and keep those casings ejecting where they belong. Just a thought!

    I'm curious about the L5 piston you picked up. I'm not a Desert Eagle expert by any means, but it sounds like you might be on the right track there. Even if it is a little too short, maybe it could be a starting point for some modifications? Definitely worth a test like you said.

    Hey, and if all else fails, there's no shame in running slightly milder loads. It's better than getting smacked in the face with hot brass every time you pull the trigger, right? But knowing you, you'll probably keep tinkering until you find a solution that works with those full-power loads. Good luck with it!

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