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Thread: CT45 guys - what load does yours like best?

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    Default CT45 guys - what load does yours like best?

    I've only been running mine with 230gr hp, because that's what I had a lot of on hand. Just put together some 200gr SWC, but haven't shot it yet. At any rate, that won't be my defensive load. The 230 load I've been using for practice is pretty accurate, but centers about 1.5" low at 7 yards. That's okay, but better would be...better. I've been thinking about going with a 185gr hp for defensive use, but I'm not going to do that if it causes my groups to be even lower. And then there's the question f whether the gun will run reliably with that load.

    BTW - I had an eight round 1911 ACT-Mag (aka Novak, aka RIA) that with a little modification of the forward third of the lips works perfectly in my unmodified CT45. My understanding is that by making a notch in the front of the grip frame, standard Colt 1911 mags will also work. Anybody have definite info on that?
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