Welcome to KahrTalk.com, the official forums of Kahr Arms!

Forum members are welcome to post topics in the various areas of this forum. Some simple house rules must be followed at all times. Members should review these rules before posting. The moderators want to welcome everyone to the forum, and hope that it will be a fun place for fans of Kahr products!

  1. All posts must be in some way firearms or shooting sports related.
  2. Posts containing off topic, vulgar, insulting, inflammatory, or adult content will be removed.
  3. Members are asked to treat one another with respect and civility at all times.
  4. Posts containing verbal attacks on the moderators, employees of Kahr Arms, or the company itself will be removed.
  5. Keep posts in their appropriate sub-forums, in particular advertisements of items for sale or trade.
  6. Commercial vendors wishing to post items for sale on the forums must seek moderator approval before posting. Once vendor sponsorships are in place, procedures will be outlined for proper posting of such for sale items.

Some additional rules apply to postings in the Marketplace areas:

  1. All posts should have WTS (Want to Sell), WTT (Want to Trade), or WTB (Want to Buy) at the start of the post subject line.
  2. All post subjects must include the poster's state or residence/operation.
  3. No posts referring to auctions are allowed.
  4. All posts must contain the asking price in U.S. Dollars. The final sale price must be left in the post after the transaction is completed.
  5. Once a transaction is completed the seller should edit the subject line to reflect this.
  6. No off-topic posts by members in the Marketplace area.
  7. No attacks on members for the contents of their advertisement posts.
  8. No posts of illegal items (that goes without saying).
  9. Members are asked to combine multiple for sale/trade items into single posts as often as possible.
  10. No bumping of posts to the top of a sub-forum area until the post is more than 72 hours old.
  11. Posts may not be bumped if they are still on the first page of their sub-forum area.

Again thank you for joining us, and have great time!