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Thread: Custom MK40 back from Robar W/Pics

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    Talking Custom MK40 back from Robar W/Pics

    More pics in T9 thread.

    Bought myself a T9 and a MK40 and had them waiting for me once I got back from Afghanistan. Did some custom work to both. Both have the checkered wood grips and Novak Tritium Sights. I also beveled the mag well, polished the chamber/feedramp and some trigger components. In addition I cleaned up a lot of machine marks on the inside of the mag wells and other areas of the pistols. I also had some engraving type checkering on the front strap and trigger guard. All of that was really hard to do as the steal Kahr uses is very hard. On the MK40 I also sent it to Mag-na-port. I then sent them to Robar for the Black Rogard finish with NP3 on all internals.

    I've got plenty of Plastic guns. I'm not saying anything bad about them. They're dead on reliable right out of the box. But I wanted some guns for daily carry that could be passed down as family heirlooms. I've got a S&W 642 Pro. It also has some kind of blackening done to the stainless and alloy frame. I've put on a frame mounted laser-light, XS big dot tritium front sight and a set of compact Rosewood Lamanent Grips. It is a real hansom gun and quite a practical package. I would have been happy with just it. I don't know why I started this Kahr project.

    When I first got the Kahrs I had a lot if issues with them.

    The T9's Novak Sights came off and would not tighten up in addition to the Chamber being out of round.

    The MK40 kept on releasing the magazine while firing and the grip screws would back out while shooting and were a real pain to find amongst all the brass (Thank God for Lock-Tight).

    It took a lot more effort to get Kahr to come through on the repairs. What really got me was that they would fix only one issue and ignore the other which would cost me a bundle in additional shipping charges. But finally after about a half dozen emails and several phone calls not to mention contributing heavily to the buying of a new UPS truck they got both pistols straight. I was about to give up and try and get my money back.

    I found all the issues during my 200 plus round break-in. When the sights were still on they shot pretty well. The T9 was a sweet heart even with the super hot Buffalo Bore 147gr +P+. The MK40 was a real thumper hence the Mag-na-port. I like to carry the Corbon +P 135s for my 40cals. The Corbon 135 and 155s have always been my first choice when using my Glock 23 and 22. I would like to try the Buffalo Bore 180 +P+s in 40cal but I'll have to see how the Mag-na-port works with the Corbons' first.

    Even though I have not had these pistols very long I already have a collection of holsters. From a Fobus paddle to a Super Tuck. But usually one of them ends up shoved in my front left pocket in a Desantes Superfly. Which Kahr depends on how my pants fit. That is where I always carried my back-up so I just kept the habit while doing CCW. When working around the house or taking a quick bike ride (on either a 21 speed or a RoadGlide) I'll shove one of the Kahrs in the Superfly and then stick it into a Blackhawk fanny pack.

    What do you guys think of my Kahrs?

    Note that the smudges in the finish are there just because I was so excited to take pictures I forgot to wipe them off. Since I borrowed her camera to take the pics, notice what my little girl named them.
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    Default Range Time

    Went to the range today. People were very interested in the T9. My wife even liked shooting it. Fired about 200 rounds today. No matter the load hot or otherwise it shot without a hick-up and was dead on. My son and others on the range wanted to shoot it. As long as they had good production ammo I let them.

    The MK40 is still a real thumper. Even with the Mag-na-port it lets go with real authority. I only shot about 60 rounds out of it today. Mostly because I was so enamored with the T9. People were looking at me with a "What the Hell" expression when I was shooting MK. No one in the family or others on the range expressed any interest in shooting it. It shot about 4"s low at 15yrds with standard 40cal 180grs. I took out some of my first mag carry loads which are the 72grs MagSafe +P Mini-Glock Load. Even though these are very serious defense loads it was quite a bit lighter recoiling than the standard 40cal 180grs and they shoot dead-on at 15yrds. Since they are a higher pressure load I believe they gave the Mag-na-port more to work with. I did not shoot any of my standard carry loads the Corbon +P 135s or 155s. Will do that next week.

    I'm a "shoot 200 rounds or don't go" type of guy. There are few guns that will cause me to say today we're doing only a 100. I think this little 40cal monster is one of them.

    I'd like to know about those with the PM40s. How many rounds can you shoot before it is no longer fun?

    Note: More pics posted in the T9 thread.
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    Very Nice! Done in excellent taste.

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    beautiful gun. what is NP3, you mentioned having it put on your internals.

    also do you have any pics of the magna-port?

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    If you go here they have a pretty good description of NP3 and their Roguard finish and others. I've sent alot of dept guns there for other stuff no metal refinishing. Good outfit for sure.
    I've heard it's very good stuff, slippery, easy to clean.

    Couple of really fine guns there dannyeller! I share your feelings on the 40. My K40 is a little monster too. I can shoot it alot but it's a handful and nobody usually has any interest in shooting it.
    Mines magna ported also which tamed it some but it's still a fire breather for sure.
    I'll stick with my PM45 for everyday carry.
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    Probably more shooter errors with the oplymer kahr 40'
    s that any gun they make. Just IMO to much power in a 1# gun. usually the first thing to suffer is accuracy, next grip Ican't picture me saying I have 31,500 rounds out of my PM40, for one of us (the gun or me) wuold not be here.

    I don't envoy the 40 cal kahr shooter, even n the steel frames, like the great one has.
    . My PM9 has over 40,000+ rounds through it, and runs much better than an illegal trying to get across our border



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