I have a P40 that I think has a barrel problem. It is jamming when simply trying to manually rack to unload a magazine. The bullet of the round gets jammed against an apparent divet on the barrel and the casing is jammed against the slide. It is then very difficult to release the round and free it up.
I have made up a webpage to try to find a solution to my problems and it has a picture of the barrel.
I would appreciate someone else who has a P40 taking the time to look at the images I put up on the webpage and compare them with their P40 barrel.
It looks like a divet on the upper part of the barrel. I'm not sure of the actual name of the barrel part but appears to be an ejection guide of some sort.

Please go to http://michaelsspot.com/kahrp40problems.html and take a look at the photo of the barrel.. Click on it to enlarge it and then click on it again to enlarge it even more.

Any help I can get is very much appreciated.